Choosing The Best Power Washer For Home Use

In the market for a new pressure washer? There’s a wide variety of new models coming onto the market, which help households take the effort out of cleaning outdoors.

Whether you’re wanting to clean the car in record time, or use sheer power to clean those out of reach areas of the house, a powerful spray from the latest new pressure washers won’t let you down.

The undeniable kings of the power washing world are Wolf, who have a range of very high pressure models, perfect for all domestic needs. As you’ll often see on reviews of petrol pressure washers, their best model by far is their 3000 PSI/200 BAR version that is usually available for around £250. Just be aware that you should use the throttle wisely particularly on cars, as it’s possible to do damage if you use full power. More on that in a moment.

It’s a very easy to assemble product – it’s not quite as bad as flat pack, but you do need to allow twenty minutes or so when it arrives to follow the booklet and get up and running. The instructions are clear enough for your average homeowner that’s not familiar with the products, it’s just a case of working through the process.

You’ll be hard pressed to find electric washers that match the performance of these petrol driven motors, and this particular choice excels in most areas. You’ll find that it’s also very cheap compared to many alternatives you’ll find on the market, but don’t be fooled, it stacks up very well across most other ranges.

Picking Pressure Washers For Cars

Most people who have not really dealt with pressure washers, tend to believe that when you pressure-wash a car, you just use train a jet of water on every surface. But that’s not true really.

You see, cars are not built to be as hard as concrete – the kind of surfaces that a proper pressure washer is built for. Car pressure washers are typically built to deliver low pressure levels that won’t damage your paintwork.

But even with such a pressure washer that is built to supply controlled pressure for use on a car, you can’t just use it anywhere on a car. You are supposed to use it on the metal parts – the bodywork, the engine and so on.

The 1500 pounds per square inch that car pressure washers are capable of delivering (which would be approximately 100 bar, to express it in another common unit), could blow a hole in the plastic parts of your car or just blow your windshield wiper right off.

Before you set out to buy a pressure washer that’s built for cars, you want to try to make up your mind the exact kind of use you will put it to.

They usually sell models for different kinds of purposes. The lightweight models are best for the occasional car cleaning project at home. The electric motor won’t be a heavy-duty one, and it won’t stand up to continuous use. A lightweight model is not the kind of thing for instance that they would use in a car garage where they would need to clean cars all the time. Therefore, for regular use a petrol alternative is a much better choice.

Now pressure washers that are used to clean driveways and other such tough surfaces, do deliver a high level of pressure. But they do so with very little water. Since you’re using low-pressure on your car, you want to make up for it with a system that delivers a lot of water at that pressure. Typically, you should look for a unit that delivers about 2 gallons of water a minute. The higher you go, the better.

If you’re trying to choose between a no-name brand and an expensive European import like Bosch, you have to understand that you probably won’t notice any difference in performance at first. Both units will probably work exactly the same for a couple of years. It’s the area of durability that the expensive models will do a good job in.

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